In the summer of 2021, I will teach Introduction to International Relations. This will be a six-week, remote undergraduate course offered in the Political Science Department at Rice University.

During the 2021/2022 academic year, I will be a graduate instructor in Rice's Freshman Writing Intensive Seminar (FWIS) program. The FWIS that I will be teaching is entitled Globel Crises & Politics. The course will focus on the topic of international cooperation in transnational crises caused by events like armed conflicts and other types of political violence, pandemics, natural disasters, and other critical events. I am also honored to be an upcoming graduate fellow at Rice's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE).

During the fall 2020 semester,  I served as an instructor of record for an undergraduate course at Rice University called War and Politics (offered remotely).

Throughout my time in graduate school, I have also served as a teaching assistant for several undergraduate political science courses including Introduction to International Relations, Politics of Human RightsInternational Defense StrategiesAmerican Foreign Policy, and Political Inquiry and Analysis

Additionally, to improve as a teacher and learn more about the scholarship of teaching and learning, I completed four courses at the CTE which culminated in an accredited Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning